Horizontal and Vertical Drilling

Horizontal and Vertical Drilling
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Author: Byron Davenport
Publisher: -Hill (Tx)
Pages: 357
Publication: 1992-06
ISBN-10: 0070154910
ISBN-13: 9780070154919
This book's purpose is to describe the technical as well as nontechnical efforts of drilling vertical and horizontal wells, so that engineers, consultants, salespersons, roughnecks, and the general public may read and understand what actually happens in the field.
This book is designed to give engineers an insight into the reality of rig operations and at the same time to give roughnecks, drillers, and toolpushers a better understanding of how engineers think.
This book is presented not as the last word in drilling, since the technology changes daily, but simply as a guide and reference manual to solve some major problems encountered while drilling oil or gas wells.
The book has been written so that each problem can be referenced quickly.


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