Bioviolence: Preventing Biological Terror and Crime

Bioviolence: Preventing Biological Terror and Crime
by Barry Kellman (Author)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1st edition (3 Sept. 2007)
Language: English
Hardcover: 392 pages
ISBN-10: 0521883253
ISBN-13: 9780521883252
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Book Description
Bioviolence is the hostile infliction of disease: our most fundamental terror. Traitors to humanity could inflict vast tolls making everyone potentially vulnerable. Bioviolence is the most realistic way for humanity's traitors to raze the pillars of modern civilization. Too little is being done to prevent bioviolence. While bio-offenders are becoming more focused and organized, prevention policies are vague, gap-ridden, and unsupervised. No other threat presents such severe danger yet such a failure of leadership to reduce risks. The strategy for preventing bioviolence requires a broad international commitment to promote bioscience while understanding its inherent and unavoidable dangers. Bioviolence threats shrink our planet into an interdependent neighborhood. This book explores how global governance should evolve to address challenges of advancing science and technology.


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