Beyond Aesthetics: Philosophical Essays

Beyond Aesthetics: Philosophical Essays
by Noël Carroll (Author)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press (30 April 2001)
Language: English
Hardcover: 468 pages
ISBN-10: 0521781345
ISBN-13: 9780521781343
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Book Description
Beyond Aesthetics brings together philosophical essays addressing art and related issues by one of the foremost philosophers of art at work today. Countering conventional aesthetic theories – those maintaining that authorial intention, art history, morality and emotional responses are irrelevant to the experience of art – Noël Carroll argues for a more pluralistic and commonsensical view in which all of these factors can play a legitimate role in our encounter with art works. Throughout, the book combines philosophical theorizing with illustrative examples including works of high culture and the avant-garde, as well as works of popular culture, jokes, horror novels, and suspense films.


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