A Critical Introduction to Law and Literature

A Critical Introduction to Law and Literature
by Kieran Dolin (Author) › Visit Amazon's Kieran Dolin Page See search results for this author Kieran Dolin (Author)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1st edition (15 Mar. 2007)
Language: English
Hardcover: 272 pages
ISBN-10: 0521807433
ISBN-13: 9780521807432
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Book Description
Despite their apparent separation, law and literature have been closely linked fields throughout history. Linguistic creativity is central to the law, with literary modes such as narrative and metaphor infiltrating legal texts. Equally, legal norms of good and bad conduct, of identity and human responsibility, are reflected or subverted in literature's engagement with questions of law and justice. Law seeks to regulate creative expression, while literary texts critique and sometimes openly resist the law. Kieran Dolin introduces this interdisciplinary field, focusing on the many ways that law and literature have addressed and engaged with each other. He charts the history of the shifting relations between the two disciplines, from the open affiliation between literature and law in the sixteenth-century Inns of Court to the less visible links of contemporary culture. Originally published in 2007, this book provides an accessible guide to one of the most exciting areas of interdisciplinary scholarship.


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