Economic Foundations of Law and Organization

Economic Foundations of Law and Organization
by Donald Wittman (Author)
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Illustrated edition (26 Jun. 2006)
Language: English
Hardcover: 402 pages
ISBN-10: 0521859174
ISBN-13: 9780521859172
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Book Description
This book serves as a compact introduction to the economic analysis of law and organization. At the same time it covers a broad spectrum of issues. It is aimed at undergraduate economics students who are interested in law and organization, law students who want to know the economic basis for the law, and students in business and public policy schools who want to understand the economic approach to law and organization. The book covers such diverse topics as bankruptcy rules, corporate law, sports rules, the organization of Congress, federalism, intellectual property, crime, accident law, and insurance. Unlike other texts on the economic analysis of law, this text is not organized by legal categories but by economic theory. The purpose of the book is to develop economic intuition and theory to a sufficient degree so that one can apply the ideas to a variety of areas in law and organization.


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